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University applications are constantly changing. Universities have access to more data than ever before which is being used to constantly refine the admissions process. What universities are looking for from students changes every year.

Applications have become longer in recent years as more universities add new requirements. Essays have become more abstract and creativity-focused, video interviews are growing in importance, and students are expected to show more engagement during the application process.

How can students and their families find the time for all this?


Course West provides students with the latest admissions data and insights from colleges across the United States, Canada, and Europe. Our coaches are all recent, high-achieving American university graduates with international experience.

In addition, each student is provided with a local application advisor who is fluent in both English and the student’s native language.

Course West looks beyond traditional college metrics such as ranking and selectivity, and provides students with insights into regional economic trends, internships, and other information to ensure that a students post-graduation job prospects are the best they can be.


Course West coaches are some of the most successful and experienced former students from various American universities. These high-achievers will push you every step of the way to meet and exceed your goals. Your coach will be a passionate advocate for your potential from start to finish.

Our application coaches and advisors come with international perspective and experience to help you prepare for living and studying abroad. What should you expect from the top universities in the West and what do they expect from you? We’ll help you navigate the challenges of adapting to a new way of life and how to continue to excel in a new environment.

We track the latest data from college admissions offices so you don’t have to. Our application experts can help you select the very best colleges within your reach. We want our students to shoot for the stars with their applications while still ensuring success with your overall application. We know what colleges are looking for, and we’re committed to finding the perfect match for you.


"I love my CourseWest coaches because they helped me improve my writing skills and find my the perfect idea for my personal statement. Best!"

"I am happy I chose CourseWest for my applications. In the beginning, I was nervous that my writing skills were not good enough to write my own personal statements. But my coach helped me discover my talent for writing and taught me how to have the right structure for my essays. Thank you!"

"My coach helped me to stay confident in myself. I did not think I could get accepted to such great schools, but when I finally accomplished my goal I was just so happy that I didn't let go of my dream. Now, I feel I can write much better."


“Everyone at Course West is super responsible. They were nice and cordial, and guided me through every detail very thoroughly during the application. They were always there whenever I needed them. And the price was so reasonable compared to others. I am very grateful for them!!!! (That’s why I’m giving this good comment with all my heart. I feel so lucky.)”


CourseWest students have attended universities and been recruited for jobs around the globe.

Our Guarantee

We know how important your education is to you and your family. Helping you get admitted to your preferred university is a responsibility we don’t take lightly.

While we don’t accept just anyone into the Course West program, if we decide to take you as one of our clients, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If after 14 days with the Course West team you are unsatisfied with the service, we’ll refund 100% of the price of your package. It’s as simple as that.

Our Commitment

Our coaches are passionately committed to your success as an applicant and as a future student. With Course West, you will maximize your chances of getting accepted at your dream schools and along the way you will become a better writer and speaker of English.

Course West maintains the highest ethical standards and practices. While our coaches have the experience and training to be trusted guides throughout the application process, they will not generate content on a student’s behalf.