CourseWest began with a vision of bringing more qualified students from Asia to American college campuses. We believe the unique perspective of Asian students makes college campuses more culturally vibrant, academically competitive, and philosophically well-rounded.

Today, CourseWest helps to send students from all over China and Southeast Asia to college and high school campuses in Europe, Canada, and the United States to study and live. Get to know our amazing team!


We know not every family can afford the high cost of sending a bright son or daughter to study in the West. In addition to tuition and living costs, students are often required to travel great distances to take required exams. We’re making it our mission to find the brightest students in Asia in order to provide top-notch application coaching to a few deserving students free-of-charge.



Founder and Coach

Born and raised in Arizona, Dan lived and taught in China for a short time in 2011. While there, he fell in love with the food and the people of China. After graduating with two Bachelor’s degrees from Arizona State University, Dan was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship from the U.S. State Department. He founded CourseWest in 2014 to provide honest, ethical, and effective coaching for students who want to apply to universities in the West.


VP of Data & Admissions

Chris grew up near San Francisco, California. In total he holds three degrees, one each from Villanova University, Providence College, and Syracuse University. A former SAT coach and high school teacher, Chris was awarded a Fulbright Scholarship from the U.S. State Department in 2013. Chris is an expert in English grammar and can tell you the best places to visit in California.


Application Coach

Christina is originally from Arizona and a graduate of NYU with an eye for fashion. She’s a clothing designer, interior decorator, and is known for bringing out a student’s creative side. Christina enjoys talking to students who plan to attend high schools in the U.S., and she loves sharing her own experiences as a student at an elite private high school. She also loves mermaids!


Application Coach

West coast through and through, Tyler’s idea of heaven is a sunny day at the beach or cruising on a boat. Educated at Azusa Pacific University and Georgetown University, he’s successfully applied to some of the top universities in America. As a CourseWest Coach, Tyler has most in common with students who dream of starting their own businesses someday. He inspires students to reach for the stars and accept nothing but the best!


Student Liaison & Translator

With six years’ experience in international news reporting, Arron is one of the original founders of CourseWest. Our most experienced Apps Expert, Arron is fluent in English and is deeply familiar with American, European, and Canadian apps. He has helped send more students to top 30 universities than any CourseWest Apps Expert.


Apps Expert

Audrey grew up in Beijing and studied at King’s College in London. She has mastered European university applications and serves as a translator for students who need a little help communicating in English.


Apps Expert

After studying at the London School of Economics and Political Science, Amy worked for a Fortune 500 financial asset firm as a senior adviser. She has expertise with Canadian and European university apps. She also loves spicy food and traveling the world!


Scholarships Specialist

With connections at higher education organizations across the globe, Jody works tirelessly to find the best scholarship opportunities for each of our students. She is passionate about helping students and their families find ways to make a college education more affordable with the help of a scholarship.